I’m Zach Spears.

Freelance artist and journalist with experience in startups, crowdfunding, filmmaking, design, and community management.


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About Zach

Zach Spears is a freelance artist and journalist. In 20016 he worked to help launch the company Mycroft with the most successful Kickstarter in the state of Kansas at the time. He worked for a few years on freelancing projects with institutions such as the University of Kansas and the Douglas County Democrats. For the last two years Zach has worked in community management at Amazon.

You can also find him on platforms such as Reddit and Medium discussing technology, startups and politics. His photography can be found at Wild Open Roads, and on Unplash.

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Recent Articles

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Recent Projects

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Recent Updates

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Here you can find me across the web, whether you’re searching for my professional networks, or want to follow me on Instagram. If you are looking to contact me directly, email is still the best way, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Professional Networks

You can find me on these professional networks to connect and talk shop.

Social Networks

You can find me on these professional networks to connect and talk shop.

Publishing Platforms

Here are the best places to find my published work, including opinion articles and professional photography.


Here are the personal projects I am currently, or have formerly created.

35mm traditional photography project.
Public domain stock video project.
Short student documentary film.
Voicemail podcast project.


From independent contracting to product releases, here are the small businesses I have started by myself, or with friends and family.

Software development
Videography, design and marketing
Web development and 360 photography
POD local artist merchandise


Am I missing something? You can also find me on these fine platforms, though they may not be updated, maintained, or recent.