My name is Zachary Spears. I was born in San Diego, California on November 7th, 1995. My family later moved away and I spent my youth in the town of Lawrence, Kansas. Living here I was encouraged by the local arts community and have become a professional Filmmaker, Graphic Designer and Photographer.

While taking classes at a local community college I fell in love with 35mm black and white photography. While photography had always been an interest of mine, I was intrigued and challenged by the old way of doing things. I enjoyed the effort and precision that must be in place to get a quality photograph, as opposed to simply holding down the shutter on a digital camera.

In 2016, my friend Sean and I planned out an extensive two week excursion, traversing the country and eventually landing back in the town of my birth. We hit many notable stops along the way, including Las Vegas, Moab UT, LA, and Denver. During this incredible journey I snapped over 575 negatives, which now rest on a shelf awaiting development.

This coming August I have the privilege of presenting my artistic work through the local South Mass Art Guild at an establishment called Aimee’s CoffeeHouse. This will be my third public art display and I am incredibly excited to share my work. I would love to share and display the images captured during the journey home to San Diego in this art showing, however I need your help.

Unfortunately it is not inexpensive to develop and scan film. With your support I will be able take these rolls off the shelf and finally share this project which means so much to me.

Any dollar contributed is extremely helpful, and if you cannot donate, please consider sharing this project with your friends.

I have worked to create some exciting rewards to thank you for contributing to this project. These include postcards, prints and stickers.

If I am lucky enough to surpass my goal, I will be able to develop negatives I have taken on additional adventures since my trip to California. I have over 40 rolls total and it would be incredible to bring them all into this project. I will also expand existing reward levels to include extra items.

Thank you very much for your time and please consider supporting this project.