Hello, I am Zachary Spears
Cinematographer and Graphic Designer

From an early age I have found great joy sharing stories with those around me. As I have gotten older I have explored new mediums with which to do so. In the process I have worked on numerous exciting projects, including Mycroft ai, The Digital Atlas of Ancient Life for iPad App, Berniecast, and Jayhawkers by Kevin Wilmott. I have also explored 35mm photography, graphic design, and I have started my own media, website, and software development businesses. I am always looking forward to meeting new individuals and traveling anywhere my wallet will let me.

I am currently working for Amazon customer service as a forum moderator, where I get to interact with the public while using my technical expertise to assist people.

Learn more on my Portfolio Page.

Cheers,  Zachary Spears

Personal Info


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Portfolio Perview

Portfolio Page

Visit my new dedicated portfolio page to see my most recent work.

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(Updated as of: March, 2017)

Work Experience

  • Sole Proprietor, Little Cloud Cinema
    2015 - Present

    Little Cloud Cinema is a local production company based in Lawrence Kansas. We focus on advertising and marketing for small businesses and local institutions such as the University of Kansas. Little Cloud Cinema also created the Kickstarter video for Mycroft AI, the highest funded crowdfunding project in the state of Kansas to date.

  • Campaign Support, Terry Manies Campaign
    2016 - 2016

    For the candidate Terry Manies I built a campaign website, and developed a marketing strategy. We built a strong social media following and gained traction in a difficult political race.

  • Office Manager/Marketing, Douglas County Democrats
    2016 - 2016

    I worked as the office manager at our location in Lawrence, Kansas. Additionally, I was in charge of a $2,000 Ad campaign aimed at getting out the vote on election day.

  • Freelance, University of Kansas
    2016 - Present

    I create animated motion graphic videos to help explain concepts in informational shorts. These short videos help teachers learn to use software that is geared at assisting students in learning the english language.

  • Lead Videograoher, Mycroft AI
    2015 - 2016

    At Mycroft AI, I created numerous marketing videos and assets for the company. The videos were designed to expand brand recognition as well as provide a positive communication channel to the companies constantly growning community. I also created animated motion graphics videos to introduce the community to our additional open source projects. The company has been featured on CNet and in Popular Science magazine.

  • Intern, Channel 6 News

    I worked numerous jobs while interning at Channel 6 news, including camera operator, floor director, teleprompter and more. I also assisted with the Not So Late Show, and local talk show that airs weekly.

  • Employee, Wild Territory
    2013 - 2015

    At Wild Territory I was charged with many tasks, including but not limited to; stocking, inventory, and cashier. I also designed numerous custom T-shirts to sell in the store, as well as taking the initiative to create multiple marketing efforts for the small business.

  • Assistant to the Art Director, Through A Glass
    July 2012

    In July of 2012 I joined the art department for the feature length film “Jayhawkers” by Kevin Wilmott. I worked with Through a Glass Productions as well as Kevin Wilmott, filling several positions including, Prop guy, Artist, Fire Watchman, and Sound guy.

  • Marketing Assistant, McDonalds
    2008 - 2011

    Starting in 2008, I performed at the Hamburgler for school events. Shortly after, I began working for the McDonalds Marketing Department, bringing the character to life as well as setting up and running publicity booths. I was able to continue this job until 2011 when I grew to tall for the costume.


  • Johnson County Community College
    2014 - 2016

    Working towards a degree in Entrepreneurship.

  • Lawrence High School
    2011 - 2014

    I graduated from lawrence High school with lots of graphic design and film classes and having been enrolled into Quill and Scroll.


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    These are some awards that I have received for various projects

I won the awards from the Focus Film Festival for my short film Demain. The awards were selected by a group of film directors including Patrick Rea and Debra Granik.

I won the award for Best Youth Film in the Dads Days Film Festival for my short film about a father trying to get his son to prepare for it to rain. The winners were selected by director Kevin Wilmott.

I won the award from Gloria Shields based my "outstanding work" on the web team at the conference. The award was selected by the online media teacher at the conference.

I won the award from KU'S Schülerkongress German Festival for my short film Ssiri. The award was given to the Film best showing that years festival theme, which was "Wie Handy is das" Or "How useful is technology".

Contact Me

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Contact info

I look forward to getting in contact with you. Email is the fastest way to communicate, I will aslo provide my cell number upon request.

  • Lawrence, KS
  • (phone number available upon request)
  • zachspears[at]gmail.com

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