Election Ad Campaign 2018

During the 2018 midterm elections I worked with a small team to promote the importance of voting as well as the local Democratic Party’s goals for the state of Kansas. I also oversaw a strong push to get out the vote and provide a place for voters to get any information they may need on Election Day.

In addition to the work done on this campaign, I created a 10 page report to outline the scope of the project as well as data regarding our impacts and success. This report may be available upon request.

About the Douglas County Democrats

We are Democrats in Lawrence, Eudora, Baldwin City, Lecompton, Clinton, Stull and all rural areas in Douglas County, KS. We are dedicated to the advancement of public education, social security, adequate health care, a clean environment, collective bargaining, smart growth patterns, and civil and human rights for all of our citizens. This is our profile and our message.

Together we live, and only together can we solve the problems of today and fulfill the dreams of tomorrow.

This was our primary ad, which ran on the YouTube Ad network, as well as Spotify and Facebook.

Vote early animated motion graphic ad.

Vote by mail animated motion graphic ad.