Zach Spears

Zachary Spears

Customer service excellence, and junior User Experience Designer.

Updated as of: April 2020

Work Experience

Oct 2017 –
Feb 2020

Oct 2017 – Feb 2020

Forum Moderator / D2 Expert / Social Media Associate with Amazon

In October 2017 I was part of the Amazon launch of digital and device forums in six marketplaces and continued in that position until I left Amazon. I was on the only customer service team to provide technical support for every Amazon device and service. My team engaged the community and worked to build meaningful relationships with users while encouraging their repeat interaction. We handled a wide variety of activity, including announcing new products and features, responding to customer concerns, troubleshooting systemic issues, and conducting internal reporting and escalating. I also provided the same support in the forums for Amazon Game Studios’ upcoming game “New World”. In April 2019 my team was also trained to assist Amazon’s social media teams by helping customers with digital and device troubleshooting on Twitter and Facebook.

May 2017 –
Oct 2017

May 2017 – Oct 2017

Customer Service Associate with Amazon

I began working with Amazon as a customer service associate, listening to customers stories and helping them resolve their problem or issue. I primarily assisted customers over the phone.

2015 –

2015 – Present

Sole Proprietor of Little Cloud Cinema

Little Cloud Cinema is a local production company based in Lawrence Kansas. We focus on advertising and marketing for small businesses and local institutions such as the University of Kansas. With Little Cloud Cinema I have worked on several advertisements and marketing projects, as well as other independent contractor work.

2015 –

2015 – 2016

Lead Videographer with Mycroft AI

Mycroft AI is the world’s first open source artificial intelligence. I joined the Mycroft team to produce the Kickstarter video which launched the company and became the highest funded Kickstarter in the state of Kansas at the time. At Mycroft, I created numerous marketing videos, including animated motion graphics, and assisted with community management for the company and brand.

2013 –

2013 – 2015

Sales Associate with Wild Territory

Wild Territory is a small local science and nature story located in the heart of downtown Lawrence Kansas. I began as a cashier and quickly assisted with stocking, inventory, and designing shirts. I also created the stores online presence and continue to assist with their marketing around the holidays.

Independent Contractor Experience

2015 and
2019 – Mar 2020

2015 and 2019 – Mar 2020

User Experience Designer for the Digital Atlas of Ancient Life Mobile Apps

In 2015 I created designed the user interface for the Digital Atlas of Ancient Life app for the iPad and iPhone. The app was designed to provide access to the database of information offline on mobile devices. In 2019 the project received a grant to update the mobile experience and create a second app title Digital Atlas Identify to allow users to submit fossil pictures for identification. I designed the user experiences for these projects using the design software Figma.


2018 Midterm Elections

Marketing Consultant for the Douglas County Democrats

During the 2018 midterm elections I worked with a small team to promote the importance of voting as well as the local Democratic Party’s goals for the state of Kansas. I also oversaw a strong push to get out the vote and provide a place for voters to get any information they may need on Election Day.

2016 –

2016 – Present

Videography / Web Design / UI UX Design / Documentation Consultant for the University of Kansas

I have worked with the University of Kansas on several occasions providing a variety of services. I worked with the Writing Strategies team to produce a series to produce a series of animated motion graphic videos designed to help teachers use software tools in their teaching curriculums. I have worked with the Specify Software project to create a web presence, two mobile applications, and wrote and designed technical documentation for their desktop software.

Volunteer Experience

2017 –
March 2019

2017 – March 2019

Board Member for the South Mass Art Guild

The South Mass Art Guild was founded on the premise of working to promote general interest in the arts by all people, especially in children. In my tenure with the nonprofit I revolutionized their online presence with a website, ecommerce store, email service for updates and marketing, and assisted with the organization of several events and art shows.

2015 –


2015 – 2017

Marketing Director for the Naka-kon Anime Convention

Naka-kon is one of the Midwest’s most popular and attended Anime conventions. I joined the marketing sector to introduce video production. I created numerous commercial and videos as well as a narrative film for the convention. I also served as the director of marketing in 2017 and built a marketing campaign to reach the conventions core audience.

Formal Education



Entrepreneurship / JCCC

I took several entrepreneurship classes at Johnson County Community College prior to working with the startup company Mycroft AI.



Graduated / Lawrence High School

I graduated Lawrence High School while enrolled in the journalism program Quill and Scroll and having participated in numerous projects and activities including the organization of the Focus Film Festival and the redesign of the school newspapers website


Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Xcode Storyboards, Apple iMovie, Keynote, Pages, Google Business Suite, MailChimp, WooCommerce, WordPress, Squarespace, HTML, CSS, FTP/SFTP, cPanel, Script Writing, Directing, Video Post Production, Google Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Spotify Advertising, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Cobalt Forum Software, Discourse Forum Software, Sprinklr Social Media Management, Live Chat, 360 Photography, 360 Videography, 360 Tours, Microsoft Office Suite, Lego Building.